Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

Hi my name is Caitlin and this is a blog post on camp Kaitawa.
Monday 13th March
We left school at about 9:15... 2:30 hours later we break down. We sat stranded on the side of the road until two campers stopped to help us jump start the van.  45 minutes later we arrived at camp. The first thing we do is get used to our surroundings and then we headed off to Lake Whero whero to go on the kayaks.  It was my first time going in a triple kayak.  I went in it with Jessica and Bailee in a triple kayak, there are two people with  paddles and one just relaxing.and just as we were getting in time with each other, Miss Hill dared Bailee and I to stand up and paddle without falling in.  After that I was pretty tired, but there is more to come, at about 8:30 we set off in the vans to go up to Lou's lookout.  When my group was coming down from the top, Miss Hill said move to the left because her group needed to get up and just as we started moving Jack fell down a big hole.

Tuesday 14th March
I slowly awoke to the peaceful sound of birds chirping, got out of bed and made my way to the dining room but it was not peaceful at all.  Rebekah and I sat down and drank some Milo and then we jumped out of the chair and then raced to the handball court that Mrs Miller made with masking tape.  After getting ready, we went straight to the confidence course. The confidence course is when there are a range of  challenging activities mixed into a race.  First we bunny hopped over two logs then we ran to the monkey bars.  Next up we had a choice to go over a high wall or a low wall (that was a bit challenging for me but I did not give up) moving on to the rocking log that was also a bit hard because every time you took a step the log would wobble for me.   The cargo net was the most fun because we got to flip over it.  Last but not least was the wire bridge, it was the most challenging part for me. After the confidence course we  hiked to a lake called Lake Waikareti, when we arrived at the top, a few kids went into the water and since the water was so freezing Miss Hill made up a challenge that we had stay shoulders under for 40 seconds and if we did we got a chocolate.  Oh the name of this challenge you ask? Well it is called the stupid challenge.  Sleeping that night was easy because I could look forward to Masterchef tomorrow.

Wednesday 15th March
Excitement was in the air because Masterchef was coming up in an hour or two.A few hours later Miss Hill calls us into the dining room. Get into your duty groups and then you may begin! My duty group was blue, the dish that all of the groups had to cook first was pancakes.  Ours did not turn out so well  because the batter was a bit too thin.  They were still really yummy.even though we only scored 5 points.  We did a lot better when we made mashed mince, noodles and potato chips.  Down at the stream by Micheal Noonans grave was great fun because we got jump over the stream.  Even though that wasn't very successful, it was the bit that made it fun.

Thursday 16th March
This was the most exiting day for me because we were getting ready to go caving.   "Check," I said as Rebekah and I put our Beanies on our heads.  In the forest were the caves, they were scattered but that did not stop us.  The most interesting thing that I saw when we were caving was a weta.  The weta almost looked like it was the size of my hand.  As I lay in bed that night I was kind of sad because it was our last night at Camp Kaitawa.

Friday 17th March
Goodbye Camp Kitawa I said in my head as the van moved further away from camp, but on the bright side I got to write the coolest blog post when I got back.


Friday, July 1, 2016

I am proud of the art you see here today because I used lots of my learning musculos like absorption.  I am proud of my artwork because I didn’t  think the design I went for was going to work but afterwards  I was so amazed.  If I  could start my work again I would take out the tree and do a page of shapes overlapping each other!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

What do you like about your observational drawing?
I like that I put my mind to it and put in all the extra detail but
The thing I love most about my shoe is that I made it the real size.

If you were to do it again what would you change?
Well I would change the soul of the shoe and the
Part of of the shoelace that I did.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Caitlin @ Parkvale: Pouse

Hooray! The day is finally here we are going to camp omatua! I was so excited that I nearly fell over! The thing I was mostly looking forward to was making the cardboard cars because I love art! When I first started I thought my box was going to be huge… But it wasn't it was tiny! So I decided to ask my friend Bailee if I could connect my box to hers. my box ended up to be where our feet went and Bailee’s box was where our bottoms went. The colour we painted our car was a sea blue colour,Bailee also took the chance to grab some bubble wrap for seating, I was looking around at the craft table for something to use for seat covering when suddenly I spotted it,some lovely fabric so grabbed some of the fabric. The type of pattern was green with gold feathers. When we were done Bailee and I were basically covered in blue paint. But the main thing is that I had the time of my life!!!                                          


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Party drink Maths

I have been learning about fractions when they are more than 1 whole. I have made what the fractions look like.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

All Blacks

One of the can dos was to make a chant for the All Blacks. Here is our chant with the moves we made up.